Woeful and most woeful

Yes it’s been a disaster on the golf front the last week. It started off with an absolute collapse in the Seniors Championship qualifying at Mortonhall where I hit the turn in 41 and was well within the final qualifying score and then I just had a swing failure of the most epic dimension.

Further, I had to concede my Jock Hutchinson match to Andy on the 12th (albeit he was 1 up and playing better) as I had stupidly accepted a tour booking from the Old Course Hotel at 11.30am and I just thought that I could squeeze in the game. But no. So that’s the Jock for another year.

I also got emphatically beaten by Alan Hogg in the Seniors knockout. But I met a lovely gentleman as a result. Golf is wonderful for this. As I met Fraser Walker also this week who turns out to be an alumni of the uni here. Small world what?

The only saving grace of my golf this week is that I scraped through in my Mortonhall singles tie but again I played some highly erratic golf.

My swing like my life is a long-term work in progress and highly unstable. It’s been a huge journey with my swing to be honest and indeed my life come to mention it!

But as the title of Beef Johnstons book rightly declares ‘Golf is hard’. Yes it is. As is life. But golf brings comraderie and that is very important in life. Very.

Anyway, on a very positive note the old tours are going most swimmingly and I got a lovely mention on Kevin Fogarty’s Scottish Golf Experience review as ‘HIGHLY recommended’. The kilted caddie food tour is up and running. Capital.

So there is life in the old dog yet. Albeit I am 62 on Saturday! Ouch. 62!? Surely not? I feel 42, 22 even on a good day with the right wind, going downhill.

Not-out too.

But I am also feeling it sometimes these days. Albeit I can still hit it as long as most folks out there, when I hit it.

I am loving this chap Phil Rosenthal and his ‘Somebody Feed Phil’ adventure. He has cracked it for sure. I am thinking about approaching some cool dude who must want to sponsor me eating and golfing my way around the world. #philrosenthal#tomcoyne#anyonereallywithloadsofmoney

That is surely a no-brainer. What fun. Finding the best courses and the best courses. This could be a lot of fun. Just email me folks with your proposition.

Anyhow it’s been lovely in St Andrews today and I have sat lingering in the garden, had a coffee in Taste, bumped into a few friends, got my bread from Mellis’s, I also popped up town in the early evening and there sat outside the Cross Keys luxuriating in the evening sun, was Andy with his wife, having a quiet beer before heading up to their pad past the East Sands. Altogether living the dream.

It’s really pretty special here.

I mean Edinburgh is lovely too but in a very different way and I am now loving getting back to the bubble that is St Andrews.

Fare forward passengers.

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