My 3 tour day

It was my first Edinburgh New Town and Dean Village tour as well. I woke up at an unearthly time, 2.50 am as far as I recall (it was a big day ahead. I don’t sleep on big days ahead unfortunately), and got up at 4am.

I was on the first train from Leuchars at 5.40 and arrived in Edinburgh at 7am to just allow me time to grab my bacon baguette (with extra bacon, no sauce) and tea from Greggs before meeting my clients at the Virgin Hotel in Victoria Street.

The tour went swimmingly and I left Mark and Marilyn in Stockbridge at 11 to make my way back to Haymarket for my train to Leuchars and to get to St Andrews to meet my clients for a wee walk around the Old Course, arranged by the Old Course hotel.

I met Fernandez and crew from Puerto Rico who were just off the Castle Course and seemed in great spirits. We whisked around the Old and I showed them the important sites in town ie the Dunvegan and Auchterlonie’s and the St Andrews Golf Club and the Jigger Inn.

I then piled back to the flat for a quick coffee and went down to the Rusacks at 5pm to meet my golf tour clients for their food tour. This went equally well. Again lovely folk. I meet incredible people on my tours. Some are most inspiring.

What a day. I finished off at about 8pm and wandered back with great memories again from my new career which I am kind of loving. This beats work all day.

I had a wonderful tour the day after when I took a great fun American family of 17 from Garvock House in Dunfermline to St Andrews and Crail and then fish and chips in the Wee Chippy in Anstruther. Again a wonderful day out with some amazing people.

So this is not a bad gig altogether if I may say. Long may it continue and let’s just see how it goes. I am a go-with-the-flow kind of bloke (probably more flow than the go if the truth be known).

I am wanting to develop the food tour business for sure as this is such fun. I have been pretty inspired by Phil Rosenthal’s and Netflix’s ‘Somebody Feed Phil’ and am wondering if I can push a golf/food tour around Ireland or something like that.

This would be a no-brainer for Netflix for sure. And of course it would indulge me in my two passions, food and golf. It would also allow me to get one back on Tom Coyne for beating me to the line in writing and accomplishing ‘A Course Called Ireland’ in which he walked and played golf around Ireland.

But well done Tom for this massive achievement.

Of course I wouldn’t be walking as Tom did and indeed as I had originally intended, because that is entirely bonkers. An electric bike would do the job fine.

It’s just getting my head round this one and freeing up a bit of time for it I suppose. Simple really.

Anyway, any Netflix execs reading this please give me a call and we can grab a coffee, talk it over and all that.

Now, also wish me luck tomorrow guys in the St Andrews Golf Club Spring Prizes. I am off on the Old at 11.50. It’s one of our clubs majors to be honest and let’s say I am much happier with my golf now. My new swing is very much curtailed let’s say and stops me looping around like a Jim Furyk demented octopus at the top where it can all go badly wrong. Strange it’s taken me 40 years to sort this out though!

Well let’s face it, it’s taken me 40 years to sort my career out! (my life out?!)

Stop Press: Phil Rosenthal just liked my post on Instagram about his Kyoto visit on ‘Somebody Feed Phil’.

There is a God in heaven.

Fare forward passengers.

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