A Perfect Day

Woke to a beautifully sunny St Andrews morning and walked down early (6.30am) to the Castle Sands which was idyllic. No one there but just the lapping of gentle waves upon this stunning wee beach.

I headed then to Taste for a coffee and chat with Scotty and Lucy. We sat outside in the sun and shot the breeze for a bit.

I then headed to the Fairmont for a little bit of practice (I can luckily use the facility for free as I work there a bit as a caddie and they are most relaxed).

I had an incredible session on the range and something clicked shall I say. It was something to do with the light and the angle of the sun. But I saw my shadow at the top of a practice swing and as I say something clicked big time. I will enlarge upon this Damascene moment at the end but can I just say that I was drilling 4 irons like I’d never drilled 4 irons before. The golf ball doesn’t lie (ancient East Neuk proverb)

I then strolled back along the coastal path back into town in the sweltering heat. I found a little rock pool and undressed and sank into the wonderfully cold but refreshing sea water. First time in the sea this year.

Back then towards home I picked up a few lovely stones to finish my path off in the garden. I passed by the harbour and met John who owns The Spindle B&B and had a chat and we got talking about the Harbour Cafe and he informed me that they do a very good fish and chips there and lobster too! I was most curious and had a chat with the two lovely girls who were serving and they said yes £9 sit-in for fish and chips and £8 takeaway and the lobster has to be ordered with 24 hours notice, but it’s £20! (with chips!)

Wow! And it will be straight from the boat too!!

I’m in.

Anyway I then sauntered back to the flat and put the lamb on for dinner on a slow cook and now I am presently slow cooking in a deck chair in our back garden.

Rather bliss all said.

Now for the very curious golf afficiandos the Damascene moment is just about getting the feel of the right hand at the top of the swing. Now I have been getting hugely out of plane here for ages and I just need to feel the my right palm is kind of pointing towards the sky and then the club is parallel at the top and I can then drive from the inside and not come over the top.

But what a transformation in my strike and the ball flight, which was low! My ball flight has never been low!

This is huge guys.

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