Local elections

I was perusing the Mail site and was struck by a comment made by some bloke who couldn’t understand how Labour got into Wandsworth. Has the chap never heard of a Mr Boris Johnson?

Besides that, even Boris Becker got into Wandsworth!

His problem though is that he can’t get out.

But surely the Tory mob must now know that Bojo is such a liability that it’s curtains until they get rid of the oaf.

Stubborn lot. What?

Now I’m back on the job market again and looking for a wee niche number. I will try and get my pal Pete at the Beeb to get me in to carry the mobile camera battery again at The Open. That was a rum little job, scurrying about amongst the players and not having to pay 300 bucks for a daily ticket. Yes I know someone who paid that the other day! By all accounts you can pay up to 600. Ouch.

Unfortunately though, the Beeb’s coverage has been massively scaled down since the R@A succumbed to the huge lucre offered by Sky and gave them the main coverage contract.

Sad! Next it will be Wimbledon.

Going going.

Anyway at least my goff is getting there. I was 2 under after five holes in the medal on the Jubilee last week, until I engaged my brain and hit usual form and a solid 88.

But dare I say watch this space.