Bring me the head of Tom Cox

I was enticed into buying the golf book ‘Bring me the head of Sergio Garcia’ by Tom Cox. I was interested to see how an average amateur turned pro would fair on the professional circuit, get an insight in to that world and hopefully be amused. Unfortunately I was not.

Mr Cox only really played at ‘professional golf’ per se in attempting, but failing miserably, to get through Europro qualifying. In fact he got disqualified on about the third hole for playing the wrong ball, and so nullified his chances of ever really playing ‘professional’ golf. He then somehow got invited to a couple of one round Europro Pro Am Tournaments on the basis, I would surmise, of him being a journalist. He played abysmally I believe. His ultimate humiliation came in scoring 23 over par in The Open Regional Qualifying round and that was the end of his ‘year swinging on the pro golf tour’.

Ok this book was certainly cleverly marketed, having glowing fly cover recommendations from The Times and The Guardian and it has a brilliant title and potential scope. It certainly lured me into parting with £9.99 to Mr Topping (on reflection, portentious!) and reading it.

However as an insight in to the world of professional golf? Marginal. ‘Possibly the funniest book about golf ever written’. Hmm.

Possibly not.