A wee update

Hello folks and welcome back.

I must try and keep up the old blogging you know as it’s good for the soul and helps me to see where I am so to speak. Not that I’m on a hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy at the moment but it kind of feels a bit that way as the tour guiding has rather blasted off.

It’s a shame though that I’ve presently had to stop working with the awesome concierge team at the Fairmont because they are fun. Hopefully I can go back and do a few shifts at some point.

However at the moment it’s just not possible. What with the gowf as well. I played in the Thistle Club Spring Meeting on the Old yesterday after doing a tour with some lovely Americans around St Andrews in the morning. The sun shone and it was all quite idyllic with a soft and warm breeze coming off the bay. The delightful scent of the cherry blossom and early furze in the sea air.

It’s hard to beat. St Andrews.

I did rather beat myself in the Spring Meeting mind with 6 three putts. Albeit I played some rum golf and believe I’ve cracked this game. As I said ‘the secret’ will be advised at the season’s end and will be a snip at 10000 bucks! I don’t think that is a lot. Golf has cost me a lifetime in sanity remember. Ask my friends.

Now, as I said I’m rather busy which means my calendar is pretty full. So I didn’t overly appreciate the text the other day from my challenger in the Seniors knockout giving me an option of two days out of the next four to play our tie before the deadline. One, you are supposed to give 3 days with reasonable notice and then you are not supposed to explain that you are going to the Hearts match so Saturday is out. I explained that I wasn’t a Hearts supporter (well I didn’t actually but was sorely tempted to) and just couldn’t make these 2 days and the chap responded that ‘we are in trouble here’. I’m sorry old chap but I don’t get the “we’ bit in this.

How hum.

Anyway, after today’s Eat/Walk tour in St Andrews I head to Edinburgh for the MCBA championship qualifying at Mortonhall tomorrow which will be a blast. What a group of characters we have down at my old track in Edinburgh. Fun what! Yes.

I pile back up to St Andrews for a tour on Monday and then am down for six tours in three days in Auld Reekie.

But it’s so interesting to meet some great people on these tours and I count myself incredibly lucky to be given the opportunity to do it. It’s all right up my street all said.

Tips for the week.

Under the Stairs gastro bar in Merchant Street, Edinburgh. Run by the delightful Gavin and Debs and having their 15th anniversary this week. Awesome establishment. Sweetdram French tonic cocktail is to die for.

Take care folks and keep it simple.