on meeting Tom Morris’s great, great grandaughter

Well it’s not every day you can idle away chatting to a relative of the late Tom Morris. However I just did that five minutes ago. I was walking down to the St Andrews Golf Club and there she was polishing her door knobs. She now resides in his old house opposite the 18th green of The Old and also owns the charming wee Old Tom Morris shop next door, which used to be his workshop.

Of course I couldn’t resist with the opener ‘have you seen the film yet?’ and was rather surprised to get the answer ‘which one?’ I was of course referring to Tommy’s Honour which has just been released and is a bit of a hit I believe. However she informed me that this was only out in the States.

She asked if I had any interest in Old Tom and I explained that I was a caddie which didn’t seem to strike any chord whatsoever and so I thought it best to leave her polishing her knobs.