A bit of a balancing act

Life has got a bit tricky. A bit of a balancing act I mean.

You see I am now a member of four golf clubs and also trying to fit in working at the Fairmont with my new venture into the world of tour guiding. I work for Eat/Walk Tours now and am also starting my own little number on the Tours by Locals site. It’s all really quite kicking off somewhat.

Now the goff is a big issue. I’ve suddenly hit prime lifetime form at the slender age of 60 and am up for as many competitive games as I can get my hands on. I scraped into the matchplay of the Jock Hutchison last week which is a great fun and prestigious St Andrews Club tournament where all the matches are played over the Old Course. I suppose it’s one of our club’s Majors. A bit like the Masters but without the pomp and the press.

But in addition to this I’ve a mountain of other comps to play in with Mortonhall and the MCBA in Edinburgh and the St Andrews Thistle. They all have their championships and meetings and greensomes and knockouts and medals and stablefords and Texas Scrambles and Shotguns and …

And yes social games too!

To this end I must say Whats App is a life saver. But there are simply not enough days I’m afraid for all this goff and indeed work. I need a good PA for sure.

So I will have to be a bit choosy and organised and attempt to bring the whole thing together while maintaining my sanity in the process.

Nevertheless, this summer should be a bit of a blast. I have high hopes on many fronts. Even though my handicap somehow went up to 9.2 after my medal on Thursday over the Eden!

And I swear that I played one of the best games of my life. Hard to believe I know. But my 4-iron shot into the par 3 tenth will forever be etched in my memory as the pivotal moment my relationship with golf fundamentally changed. It was a once in a lifetime.

It’s a bit like what the knocking off of the 7-year old Maid of Norway in Orkney did to the course of scottish history. Absolutely massive.

A few little tweeks and hey presto. I was a different golfer and man walking off that tee as indeed Scotland became a very different country. Not as I walked off the tee obviously. I mean here the sudden death of the Maid of Norway in Orkney. Often overlooked you know.

Dramatic me?!

No this is all true. Ask Neil Oliver or Tom Devine or Azzie Paton or Ed Russell.

Now the tour gig is fun. Albeit I’ve rather had to immerse myself in a thousand years of scottish history, which is not the straightest forward thing in the world. In fact it’s a bit like my tee-shots before I discovered the secret.

The ‘secret’ will only be disclosed at the end of the season by the way. It’s a bit of a beauty though and has really made a difference to my ball-striking. Although it’s been very hard earned may I say.

So watch this space over the summer and I will try and keep you posted with my progress.

Life begins at 60 for sure.

Well apart, of course, from the old hip and right knee and the memory and a few other little bits and pieces.

But heho. We can’t have it all you know.

Well, unless you are Gary Lineker or Tom Brady or Miguel Jimenez or that cute girl who gets to do the weather forecast.

But I’m unfortunately not.

I’m a Lobby Ambassador at The Fairmont.