Back from the wildernesses

This might not be such a major world changing event for everyone, but I’m back on the blog.

A bit like being back on the sauce I suppose but with less dire consequences and probably more fun.

As some people may know I’ve been in Edinburgh, attempting to open a restaurant. And it’s been rather exacting to be honest. The learning curve has been incredibly steep but I must say I now know how a good and successful restaurant should run. It’s just the putting it all into practice that is the issue.

However, I will not elaborate lest I get myself into rather deep and perilous waters. But what’s new.

Anyway, here I am having a lovely repose back in St Andrews and contemplating my future. And this may I say is the tricky one. An option is to do nothing, establish my wee man shed in the garden and write my memoirs.

But that would be entirely silly. There’s not much to say and people wouldn’t believe what I’ve been up to either. Also I’d have to either do a quick Reggie Perrin or publish anonymously. The latter appeals more as the North Sea is not overly welcoming.

Anyway, I do have a few ideas and you will have to glue yourself to my blog to find out.

Now, that at least is relatively interesting.

Or maybe deathly dull in the Icelandic!