It’s past midsummer already

And that’s a fact. It’s the 30th of June today. What’s going on with time? This is far too fast folks.

It’s maybe down to the fact that I am so busy and having a bit of a blast but let’s slow this down a bit please. The peonies have already come and gone, the club championships have been played, Glastonbury is in full swing, the chaff is on the wheat, Wimbledon lawns are being mown and people are pitching up in Troon for the 152nd.

I am enjoying watching some of the Euros except I can’t really get what football is all about. Obviously I know it’s about trying to get the ball in the other team’s net as many times as possible and all that. But it all seems that most of the time it’s an incredibly dull game to watch and there seems to be an awful lot of foul play going on and commentator’s using the word ‘quality’ which is most tiresome. Anyway, I fancy underdogs Georgia because they play with a lot of flair and a bit of panache. I am all for a lot of flair and a bit of panache.

I suppose this was typified in golf by the late Severiano Ballesteros who really brought a lot of life to an ostensibly dull spectator’s game. Not helped on the box nowadays by having the likes of Nick Faldo as one of the major commentators in the game. Goodness that man is awfully dull. Painfully dull.

I am loving my wee club back home in Edinburgh the MCBA (Mortonhall Casual Barmy Army) made up of about 20 characters at Mortonhall Golf Club who have been playing together for about the last 40 years. Goodness we have fun. There is of course a competitive side to our golf but the main thing is the entertainment of it all, the crack, the highly amusing WhatsApp chat and all that. It’s quite wonderful. And good, good people too. I am very lucky to be a part of it all. Not quite sure that they feel the same in the quid quo pro though?

And quite a few of us golfers have similar clubs and golf groups who all become great friends and love the game of golf. It’s a wonderful thing. I see this all the time with my tour guiding in St Andrews.

My Mexican tour client last week told me about his group at his club back home. They are all retired and play about 3 times a week and enjoy a few cold beers and tequilas afterwards. Why not? In moderation of course. I think he said they only have 3. Perfect!

So I will raise a glass to golfing fraternity and brotherhood and cold beer and tequila!

Quality beer and quality tequila of course. Nuevo!

Whey hey oh!

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