Golf is not for Donald

You know, on reflection, golf is probably the last game that Donald Trump should be playing.

For it’s the ultimate game in which you need to be brutally honest. And there is no hiding from this. You may try and indeed many do. But, like the guy that thinks he’s clever and who never buys a round at the bar, you will be known and exposed for it.

It’s a hard call to make, for sometimes in golf things are not too clear. I remember in fact, during my best round this year, eventually finding my ball an inch inside the out of bounds on the 9th of the New. My playing partner and I had both walked past it initially, but when I came back from another angle there it was, slightly shielded by a tuft of grass. And it was in bounds, if only just. However I’m sure that it may have raised some degree of suspicion in my playing partner’s mind, and that’s natural as I hadn’t played with him before.

But in time we know who the real cheats are. Of course, I always give the example of my brother marking the rich businessman who says he had a 5 when it was a 6 and tried, incredibly, to worm his way out, by saying ‘no, a net 5’ when challenged. A bit of a Barnard Castle there sir!

This all just reminds me of Donald Trump and his incredible antics with the election counts. In fact it’s ‘net 5’ comment pedigree.

He and his wunderland cronies are calling out this sort of nonsense for the whole world to see and it is all such primary school playground stuff. And still, 12 Senate members buy into this trash.

Yes, 12 members of United States of America Senate! The top court in the land. Lordy me.

So just imagine what Trumpy gets up to on them golf course!? Well we don’t have to imagine in all honesty, just look at his golf swing and ask yourself is this the swing of a chap with a 3 handicap, countless course records (I do here emphasise the word ‘countless’) and club championship wins to his name? No, it’s definitely not.

This is the swing of the guy not buying the round at the bar and smirking to all and sundry, thinking that he’s being a clever little ass and getting away with it. But he’s not. He’s just being an ass.

A man who comes out with such inanity that it beggars belief. This one recently in the Georgia tape when he asked the Gov to find him 13000 more votes ” You know, I’m sure that you’re a good lawyer, you’ve got a nice surname”.

And like his bleach brainwave, he was unfortunately nay joking.

So, for the love of Christ! spare us please Donny.

My recommendation in your retirement is to consider taking up poker.

At least in that game, deception, trickery and being dumb, potentially have some merit.