What a complete load of tommyrot

I had been reflecting on the issues surrounding Boris well before he got in as PM. But it’s only now that he’s confirmed his status as a class-act buffoon.

That bobbling, blustering, blundering, babbling, bimbo-headed, back-slapping Bullingdon Beedle Bard, should only really be allowed into the pages of a PG Wodehouse novel. And certainly not into number 10 in any real capacity.

Last night’s press briefing was embarrassingly bad. Not only was he still unaware as to how the thing ran when he missed the cue to read a question out, he brazenly stood up to the country and gave such a pitiful and inexcusable defence of young Dom, who has been caught slipping up to the old in-laws castle in Durham when he and his wife were showing symptoms of covid. And yes with their 4 year old son (in the car all that way!) Not least either that the father in law is in his eighties! And that our Dom was spotted on a ‘day out’ at a nice wee village 30 miles away (I suppose his symptoms may have abated a bit?).

Deary me.

But Boris you should have got advice on this old boy, because we know how calamitously out of touch you are. But yes, I suppose you did. Dom profered it!

And it appears now that he’s as arrogant, insensitive and over-privileged as they come.

And that you’re as wet as a whistle.

Steer clear for Keir.

Now that’s a fair old slogan. What do you think Dom?

Department of Injustice and wobbly Bertie

You have to be slightly aghast at the goings on across the pond in their high-end Justice Department. For this is what has happened. That bloke, General (nonetheless!) Mike Flynn, who was Trumpy’s first national security advisor got caught (and admitted) telling lies to the FBI about talking to the Russian Government. Fact.

But the case has now been chucked out by Trumpy selected, Attorney General Bill Barr, on the grounds that the FBI didn’t have to ask the question to Flynn (because they knew the answer already!) and therefore Bill has lobbed out the case.

Flynn can only think that Christmas has come rather formidably and rather early. While Trumpy has made the astonishing claim that Flynn has been exonerated!

Yes. Exonerated! (and I’m pretty sure that Don does know what exonerated means)

For the love of Christ! Give me strength.

But that’s what has actually happened. Seriously.

Added to this, Paul Manafort, served one year of a 7 year sentence in jail and has now wangled his way out to spend the rest of his term under house arrest (because of the risk of Covid even though there is no trace of it in his jail), drinking Crozes Hermitage, tucked up in Egyptian cotton and eider down with the wife, counting his numerous pennies (got from who knows where?) and having a bit of a laugh on the phone to Donald, I’ll bet.

It’s all beyond belief. Next thing we’ll see that, oh so unbelievably nauseating, Roger Stone set free.

One thing that poor old Bertie does not feel anymore, by the way.

Yesterday, at the end of Prime Minister Questions, he looked like he’d been 10 rounds with Tyson Fury and rather wishng someone else was facing the acute onslaught coming from the other side of the house. Sir Keir Starmer QC, had him well and truly against the ropes from the opening bell and it was painful to watch.

Sorry Bojo, but this job is not a thing you can bluster your way through. We’re not in the Bullingdon Club no more. This is serious. And I feel it’s going to get a lot worse for you old boy.

I don’t think it’s going to be the Churchillian dream job you had envisaged.

Breath of fresh air and some reflection on Keir Starmer.

Seemingly now in most Japanese cities smoking is banned on the streets. I wonder when this will happen here? A Japanese diplomat arrived two weeks ago, was bowled over by the beauty of Edinburgh but shocked by the mess on the streets.

We are blighted by filthy inner cities and smoking on the high streets is just one element of our lack of care and cleanliness. It’s a shame and a shocking indictment of where we are as a nation.

Our general health is very poor given international comparisons and the Covid epidemic is highlighting this. Our politicians are on the whole unconvincing and uninspiring.

So maybe this can be a wake up call to everyone to take note. To stop dropping litter, consider that their smoke gets up a lot of people’s noses, be more careful about their diets and lifestyle choices, and maybe to begin to drop some irrational prejudices.

But the government must also show the lead and own up to and deal with its deficiencies. There are too many disturbing revelations in the high echelons of government for my liking. Priti Patel for one. Then that Conor Burns chap being way out of order. And of course closer to home we have the Alex Salmond affair which just stinks.

That Keir Starmer is impressive though. He seems a cut above your average Joe politician and certainly inspires more confidence than Bertie our forever babbling, blustering, bumbling bombshell. I just can’t take him for real. Whereas Keir inspires confidence and makes us trust and believe in him and what he says. I don’t think he’s in this for Keir.

We need Keir Starmers more than ever at the moment and ongoing into the new age that will dawn after this mess clears away.

We have had enough of oddballs, shoddiness and downright dodginess.

And maybe our streets will become cleaner too.