Upcoming Golf Fest

I have a deluge of golf matches over the next 5 days which will involve 3 matchplay games and 2 medal competitions here in St Andrews and at my course Mortonhall in Edinburgh. I am excited and if the form can continue from the session I had with my old pal Alan at the Braids Golf Range yesterday then I will be more than happy.

My tours have being going uncannily well recently and I have been lucky to have met the most wonderful people. We have had many laughs along the way and it’s all been rather tip-top.

I have been corresponding with Oliver Horowitz, the chap who wrote ‘An American Caddie in St Andrews’, and reminiscing about fudge doughnuts and yum-yums and the ‘playing-in’ ceremony of the Royal and Ancient captain and other important topics. He really is a rum chap and I am glad to see his career is going well.

I caddied with Oliver once (and indeed with the inimitable Tom Stevenson in the same group!) but unfortunately never had the opportunity to have a game of golf with him. Maybe another time. Although I expect I would be rather up against it as he is hot.

The sun is out this morning in the Auld Toon and I think I will have a wee wonder. Pop into Mellis’s for some of their lovely bread, maybe a chin-wag with Jo-Lee in the Newport Bakery, a wee long black in Taste and a breeze along Lade Braes into South Street, drop by the club maybe. I love the West Port end of South Street now. It’s so leafy and filled with interesting wee independents. It’s kind of our Latin Quarter or West Village. It’s pretty, bohemian, dreamy even.

St Andrews really is heavenly, just like the Braid Hills in Edinburgh where I was lucky enough to have been brought up. Do check out the Braids Hills golf course by the way guys. It’s well worth it. In fact one of my clients was playing there last week. Not only is it iconic but you get some of the best views of Edinburgh from some of the holes (as you do from Mortonhall which adjoins it).

I really do have the best of both worlds with Auld Reekie and the Auld Grey Toun to stumble in between. Well except not quite so much the stumbling these days! Thankfully.

Golf and friends and work now anchor me between these two incredible cities.

Now this could be a whole lot worse a situation.

Fare forward passengers.

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