What a complete horlicks

You have to admit it. This is nay the finest hour for humanity.

Nor for Chinese diplomacy. The arrest of the poor doctor who subsequently died of the virus is not a move you can quietly brush under the carpet amidst a global pandemic. Nor the detention of the whistleblower journalist chap. And then we can again begin to look at all the other Chinese State’s affronts to justice and freedom.

China will take it full on the chin for this and so it should.

The world is fed up with nonsense talk. We can see through it and it’s all wearing very thin indeed.

Russia with its rubbish excuses, aka lies, about the two cathedral spire loving bruisers who had a cathedral spire admiring holiday jolly in Salisbury. And now the obvious truth that they did meddle in the 2016 election.

And in America itself now with Trump’s denial of climate change and his ongoing espousals of utter nonsense.

His flagrant, damaging, dishonest rhetoric.

The world deserves better than all this.

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