The Bobby Jones Scholarship

The only constructive thing I’ve done on the writing front in three weeks is to pen an email to the editor of Golf Monthly to inform him of another way to get the chance to play Augusta, after I read his recent article on the matter.

That way is to attend St Andrews University and be awarded the Bobby Jones Scholarship, which entitles you to a year at Atlanta State University, but more importantly, a free round on Augusta National.

My mate, Donald, won the scholarship back in 1983. I unfortunately didn’t, as I wasn’t aware of its existence then which is a bit of a downer. I’m not sure I would have been awarded it anyway. Donald is quite an impressive chap. If you’re not Prince Andrew and without family connections, then being invited to join the R&A at 21, suggests something large in the arsenal of personality. And indeed yes. Donald has personality.

We set up a golf tour business in the nineties, Highlander Golf, and promoted it by travelling throughout Germany and Austria in his old VW Golf, and knocking on the doors of unsuspecting golf clubs. We even took German lessons of which the only real upshot was Donald’s brief fling with our lovely tutor. Everything else was a bit of a verb’s bottom. Verboten and forgotten.

Anyway fun times looking back.

It was nice of the editor of Golf Monthly, Michael Harris, to respond to my email and look at my website.

But no job offer as of yet.

Funny that.

I expect he’s waiting till this Covid thing washes through, so he can get my contract sorted out, and we can have a bit of a lush lunch and maybe a few holes and all that.

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