Still sitting Priti. Oh please give us a Chris Whitty

Let’s face it, Priti Patel looks like she’s very hard work. Mind you I’ll be honest that I can’t bear listening to her anymore.

Unfortunately, it appears that there is not going to be enough evidence to dump her. And that’s a shame. It’s shocking behaviour to see in any human being.

And she is, somehow, in the Cabinet, Home Secretary indeed. Leader and role model to the country and all that. Hmm.

As expected Bertie is sticking by her. No doubt because she’s pretty of course, added to the fact that he seems to have very little marrow in his backbone.

All his chuffing along like bloody Churchill, with the fist clenching, heho jolly rugger stuff. The mugger-duffing, bumbling bravado. Do you not get the impression that that’s all there is?

And so Madamoisselle Patel will carry on being pretty and painful (at least pretty painful) and what ever else she seems to excel at.

Oh yes. Bullying.

It will be as bad as seeing slimy Salmond walk out of the High Court, somehow admonished and looking smugger than smug can be, proclaiming the brilliance of his legal team (they had to be) and going on to be all virtuous and sickeningly statesmanlike. It’s all enough to make you be very ill in the gullet.

And of course, slime-ball denied all of the accusations. As did Priti. Hmm.

But this week Trumpy has out shone them all. The man who tells us he doesn’t believe there is a climate problem, does believe he may have sprung a quick cure for the coronavirus.

Injest bleach.

Yes bleach, poison, you know that toxic stuff that cleans toilet floors.

Talk about putting yourself in a corner? That’s a howler. His only advised possible escape clause was to say that he’d said it sarcastically.

But If you listen to the clip, you know he wasn’t being sarcastic. He was incredibly sincere. And that’s pretty obvious to anyone with anything resembling a head on their shoulders.

It’s all a bit beyond belief. Even Salmond and Patel wouldn’t have dared to try and worm out of that one.

So Lord help us all.

As if the world didn’t have enough on its plate without all these jokers telling us porkers.

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