Tom and Parker

Was out with a father and son duo yesterday, Tom and Parker from Conneticut. Like father like son they weren’t. Father Tom was slightly built and had the driest wit while Parker, well Parker was much larger and hard to make out. He was a hugely imposing character, very courteous, and solicitous. He was the most laid back chap that I have ever come across. I mean his heart rate must have been down about forty. He kind of took everything in his large strides. I reckon if a nuclear bomb had gone off in the Forth he would have kept the same demeanour and remain unfazed, maybe have taken another practice swing.

My fellow caddie Drew and I had an enjoyable round with the guys. On one occasion Parker lost his balance on a drive and kind of shimmied forward a few steps. Drew said ‘that was balletic!’ and the formidable, giant like, Parker acknowledged that his movements had never been described as that before. However, I don’t think Parker has missed out on a career in ballet. He’s going for corporate law and I reckon he’ll go far.

Tom had that New York stand up comic wit. I laughed out loud as he considered his difficult approach shot, from a hundred and fifty yards into the postage stamp fifteenth green.  Drew was obviously a bit unsure about the clubbing as there was a strong swirling wind. He chatted for a good time to Tom about the nuances of the shot; bringing it in with a draw, five to ten yards from the right, keeping it lowish etc. Tom just stood still listening and slightly agape looking. He then turned and said with the most marvellous comic timing, ‘Have you been watching the way I’ve been hitting it all day?!’.

Anyway, I got a good feedback from the guys about the Ardgowan Hotel in town. Supposed to be extremely well run, homely with a resident dog, and do very good food. So I’ll be heading down there soon.

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