Food for thought

We were out with a lovely bunch of Canadians yesterday. The sun shone and I had some of my favourite caddies alongside. Our group were just off a long haul from Toronto and were surviving on adrenalin and St Andrews Ale. They worked for Golf Town and had all won an incentive driven, action packed few days in St Andrews, courtesy of Callaway.

They had obviously been selling a lot of Callaway gear as they were eating at The Peat Inn first night and then The Seafood Restaurant in town. Now that’s not cheap. I think the tasting menu at The Peat Inn works out about a hundred quid a head. Mind you it’s got a Michelin Star and that deal involves six courses and lovely, matched wines. It really is the place to go for a treat or celebration, but be sure to book in advance.

I think a meal there would be the finale to my perfect day. A game of golf first with some good mates on The Old Course, a trip round the Auld Toon stopping for a pint (or two!) in The Central, and then off to The Peat Inn for a long, lazy, indulgent meal. Fill your wallet though.

Anyway Eddie, my fellow caddie, was on top form as usual. He is an ex-miner who lives down the coast in Leven and is the salt of the earth. He has the loudest, rudest and heartiest laugh in The East Neuk and does any man good to hear it. He is like all the miners I have ever met in being great fun. Must be something to do with the intense comraderie they develop down the pit or something like that. He gave me a good tip for a meal too, The Lomond in Falkland, and I am going to try it. At the moment, I am a fan of The Tavern in Strathkinness and I think it’s by far the best bar food around. Unfortunately, St Andrews doesn’t seem to have got to grips with good bar food yet. It’s all battered haddock, cheap Campbell’s beefburgers, oven chips and the dreaded nachos I’m afraid. What an opportunity for someone.

Now what bus goes to Falkland?

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