Barrie and The Beast

Seemingly, they found a grenade on Kingsbarns Golf Course a few weeks ago. However I believe without injury. This was not the case in a small club called Burnside across the water, near Carnoustie. John Boath the old pro at Braid Hills Golf Club recounted an horrific, but true story, of how he was playing one day and he heard a loud bang, and a man’s head came rolling onto the tee! And no it wasn’t the Battle of the Green Fields! It must have been going back a bit, but there was a field next to one of the holes that was lets say ’out of bounds’ as it was still mine laden. And indeed it was!

I had never heard of the Burnside course till yesterday. Likewise, I had never heard of its near neighbour Barrie till yesterday, either. But Bernie, a USGA golf rules man out with us, was raving about it. He says it’s the most beautiful little gem of a course, with greens enveloped by yellow furze, lovely views, and well worth the thirty quid green fee. So I must give that a try. Maybe after playing The Beast, as Carnoustie is referred to.

Bernie was talking about his caddie old John Collings who has been walking the links across there for forty five years and who is a wee bit of a character by all accounts. We have our own Jimmy Reid who lives in town with a similar heritage, forty two years I think, and he is still in his fifties! So I dare say he will have a good few loops under his belt.

Makes me feel very green indeed.

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