Musings on Muirfield

Well, Muirfield will not follow the likes of The R&A and Royal St Georges in allowing ladies to join their membership ranks. Although the lasses got the support of 397 of the gentlemen from The Honourable Company of Edinburgh Golfers, 219 didn’t like the prospect of the opposite sex on board.

That’s a bit tough on women. The dice are loaded against them already in ‘the rules’ necessitating a two-third majority in the vote. Come on chaps let’s at least have a level playing field. Otherwise they will surely sense a sniff of prejudice.

A leaked letter from the club intimated that a lady member ‘would be bound to feel uncomfortable’. Well, no wonder if there are 219 blokes out gunning at you. Any person would feel uncomfortable at that. Also. I have heard of a boxing match take place between two of the members in the changing room, over the use of a mobile phone, so I suppose there is that kind of physical danger element. Mind you there would be at least be a few doctors kicking around, given the status of the club. Oh, in fact one of the guys was a doctor. He has now gained the esteemed nickname ‘ding a ling’ by all accounts.

The bloke contingent also inferred that ladies might ‘question their lunch arrangements’. Now, that would be serious. Getting in the way of the serious issue of your stomachs. I appreciate that the Muirfield lunch is legendary but why be selfish about that too.

However, as a concession they will entertain the building of a second ‘lady friendly course and clubhouse’.

Well blow me a concession and it’s going to be friendly too!

I am just wondering how many of the gents will be joining that club as I presume that’s integral to the deal.

Or am I just being too cynical here chaps?