The Scottish Experience

I was lucky enough to have been off last week. Lucky because we had four days of consistent, torrential rain. Now that is not good for the soul nor the body.

I was back yesterday and saw poor Toni very much under the weather with a heavy cold. He reckoned he got it on his second day of a double round. Yes people actually played full rounds in that stuff.

Jack had some guys from Pittsburg who dragged the poor lad out in the afternoon after he had been soaked in the morning. They were in good spirits and reckoned they should be having ‘the scottish experience’. I think to that I would have quickly inferred that there were a couple of nice bars in town which sold a whole range of lovely whiskies and this could be viewed as a scottish experience too. And to boot a damned more sensible scottish experience.

Next day Jack was out again with a chap who insisted on dragging him through 17 and a half holes in another downpour. Seemingly the man picked up his ball in the middle of the eighteenth fairway and Jack said ‘what are you doing?’ to which he retorted ‘it’s raining’. Unable to refute this de facto comment and growing increasingly irritated, Jack reminded the guy that it had indeed been raining for the last four and a half hours, and moreover, he had made him carry his bag thus far and he was not going to stop now.

And finish they did.

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