I had a lovely caddie round on Sunday as I was out with mellow John Gunn from Tampa Bay. He played in the most relaxed fashion and was simply, delightful company. He told me how his son in law was a caddie out in Streamsong, Florida and was an industrial engineer by training, but couldn’t abide working a 9 to 5 office job. Now I can relate to that. The big difference is that his son in law is highly regarded as one of the top caddies at Streamsong and is often asked to look after high profile clients.

John told me a funny story of how he was having dinner with him one night and asked who was the worst golfer he’d ever caddied for? And he couldn’t answer. However the next day he’d been out in a thick fog with some chap who made him crystallize his thoughts on this. The guy was seemingly awful and managed to hit three provisionals on one tee.

I can remember my worst client and it was strangely enough my first job ever, up at the Torrance course. To be fair the guy admitted he wasn’t a golfer at the outset and I could fully support this fact after the eighteen holes. It was tortuous stuff.

Now, I am just wondering if John is thinking that I am his worst caddie ever? as I gave him some really bad lines and there seems to be an iambic metric and rhetoric here. A rhyme and reason to this post.

And as I said. Some really bad lines.

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