Lord Buckethead and the two vote margin

The kilted caddie is aware that he could only too easily have changed the course of British politics last week after voting SNP in the election. He was wavering and very nearly went for the Lib Dem candidate Elizabeth Riches. It turned out that Stephen Gethins the SNP candidate won by 2 votes from Mrs Riches. And I am just wondering what would have happened if I had actually voted for Lib Dems and there had been a tie? I suppose they could have had a playoff over the Old Course.

On a more serious note Boris Johnson was seen having a drink with Lord Buckethead in a Chelsea wine bar on Saturday, creating much speculation and interest. He is adamant that he will not be contesting for leadership.

However the kilted caddie is not so sure and has drawn up 3 scenarios.

  1. Boris is indeed going for Theresa’s job and has already hired his advisor.
  2. Boris is disillusioned and is going to follow in the footsteps of his sister Rachel and join an alternative party.
  3. Lord Buckethead was also a member of the Burlington Club at Oxford and they were merely catching up.

Unfortunately, Lord Buckethead was not able to provide comment as he had a bucket over his head.

However such is politics.

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