The Dunhill

What an event the Dunhill is? A pro-am tournament that is also a major European Tour Event with massive prize money for the pros.

I caddied for David Walsh, the three-time Sportswriter of the Year and had the pleasure of his company for three practice rounds and three competitive rounds over Carnoustie, Kingsbarns and the Old Course.

We had a good time of it with regard to the weather as the sun shone most of the week and Dave’s golf started to shine also, with a fantastic five birdies around Carnoustie on Wednesday.

I only shone in terms of my golfing attire as Royal & Awesome had, kindly and most generously, given me trousers for each day of the tournament.

Very nice of them indeed. However not to the liking of the chief caddie master at St Andrews, I’m afraid. But you can’t please everyone in life, and particularly on the sartorial front.

Mind you I did get approached by the local constabulary, as a lovely East Neuk policewoman came over and gave me the utmost compliment on my bright saltire breeks. Now that makes a most pleasant change, as the last time I was approached by the local constabulary it was on far less favorable and amiable terms.

But what a great week. I met the rather eccentric Padraig Harrington and worked for three rounds alongside the legendary caddie Dave McNeilly. Paul O’Connell and Sir Anthony McCoy both came up and shook my hand for some reason. Maybe they thought Alf Garnett had taken up golf.

I went to the loo at Kingsbarns and bumped into Wladmir Klitscko. I walked around with Norbert Dentressangle, Andrew White and Arty Moossmann.

And if you didn’t know who they are then join the club.

But I’ll tell you one thing. That Wladmir is rather a big chap.

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