‘What did you do before caddying?’

This is a fairly frequently asked question, as a client is either bewildered that a sane man should chuck a proper job to lug a bag around a field for a living, or is in a tiny way envious that someone should be paid to get their daily exercise in a lovely setting, shoot the breeze for a few hours and meet new people from all over the world.

My answer to ‘what did you do before caddying?’ is usually ‘what did I not do before caddying?’

For I have dipped my proverbial career toe into the heady delights of chartered accountancy, the insurance industry, investment management, primary school teaching, ski and golf teaching, resort repping, wine selling, gardening, property developing, tour operating and attempting to run a florist and café. The florist was called Bloemen Ecke. Yes indeed.

That’s the kind of CV that is not going to get you a job in a hurry. In fact it’s of Trainspotting stature.

However, here in the caddying world it’s not what you’re judged upon. For we are an eclectic bunch at the very extremes of eclecticism.

Nevertheless we can normally pitch up on time, discern a true gentleman, hold a drink, tell a joke or two and more often than not, hit a bonnie ball. Canny? Aye. But, most humanely resourceful.

ps Please send all job offers to the above address with a sae. Thank you!

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