150 to 1

When caddying, it’s always interesting to get Brits on board and particularly Englishmen. For they are a fascinating people with their quirks and accents and little eccentricities. We had four such young gentlemen this morning.

I met my man Chris, a tall and quite distinguished looking chap with a hard to place accent, but all the look of a fellow who’d been up to Oxbridge. I was amusing myself down the fourth hole of how I was going to approach him on the next tee and just come out with something like ‘ok Cambridge, PPE, Trinity College’ with Jeremy Paxman, University Challenge, delivery. It would have been wonderful to see the group’s reaction and make quite a refreshing change than to tell them that the bunker down the left was 243 yards away.

Anyway, this was all prevented by the subject somehow coming up between shots into the fourth green. Chris had in fact gone to Oxford but done Geography. I never got the subject, however I certainly got the Oxbridge. It turns out that he is a good friend of the lovely lass Clare who I’d caddied for a couple of weeks back in the R&A mixed foursomes. Very small world.

But that would have been quite funny if I’d nailed it first time and even got the college and subject correct. Can you imagine the reaction ‘How did you know that?’ which I could have followed up with something like ‘ I can tell you who you first snogged up there lad’. However, my imagination is getting carried away a tad. What a fine chap Chris was though.

Now it’s good to see that the man I caddied alongside at the Dunhill last week, Matt Wallace, is leading the Italian Open. I have a wee bet on him at an incredible 150 to 1 on the pre-tournament odds. I was just so impressed by the guy that I pretty much had to have a wager on him. Mind you given my recent, dismal horse betting form with twenty losers on the trot (yes, the trot!), I am surely to give him the kiss of death. However, I would say that he is the hottest new golfer around and would love to get a bet on him winning a major within five years.

I would think the bookies would be giving about 500’s which is about my odds for winning the forthcoming caddie tournament. However I ain’t betting on that.

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