The Caddie Dynamic

It’s something that’s very important for the enjoyment of a round and that is the mix of caddies in your group on any given day. It is a big factor and can be a complex one at that. There are just such vast differences in the personality make-up of us caddies as a lot.
We are indeed a strange and eclectic bunch. There are writers and film makers and florists and miners and businessmen. And there are students and stonemasons and policemen and ex servicemen and fishermen and painters and poets and musicians. And I can go on. And then there are the hard core career caddies who are a wonderful lot in themselves. And there are extroverts and introverts and surly and burly ones and drunken and sober ones. And some are very good golfers and some, I dare say, are very bad. But what a wonderful and colorful lot we are.
But over time you know who you do and don’t want to go out with and spend four and a half hours with. And I would say the Caddie Master has a massive task if he tries to consider all this. But what a tough job.
Anyway I knew yesterday I had a lovely crew on board. There was no attempt at oneupmanship or showiness. There were no sides or pretension or any other such silliness. And how refreshing that was.
For we see enough of the child brought out in people by this unrelenting game without having to stoop there ourselves.

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