The Geordie Roar

Jordan Spieth, Jason Day and Rory McIlroy have now won five of the last six majors. That is simply the Geordie roar. The question is will it gather momentum, and if I put that down on my betting slip and venture into Ladbrokes before the Masters next spring, will I be met with more than a perplexed look ?
I am not taking bets on it.
The caddying has been going smoothly but damply in places. No real stories to mention other than my lovely American chap Paul the other day, who is so enamoured by St Andrews that he has cancelled three other world trips. He simply wants to spend his holiday time here.
And who can blame him as we walked in over the sea cliffs at The Castle the other evening, and a warm wind blew, and a translucent light glimmered over our old town nestling by the Bay.

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