On being over presumptous in Fisher and Donaldson’s

Strolled into the South Street branch of F and D this morning and I think caught the girl slightly off guard by saying ‘one please’. She, slightly nervously, reflected and presumed the item in question was ‘a roll?’. Which I suppose was a fair call as it was earlyish. But I replied incredulously ‘No, a fudge doughnut!’.
The reason some St Andrews students never leave this town, the staple diet of many a discerning caddie, the mecca for fudge doughnut afficiandos throughout the world. Yes, foodies come here from every continent to eat at the Peat Inn. But equally they come here for a Fisher and Donaldson fudge doughnut. Sea air, lovely scenery, great golf, history, a top University. No no. Come on.
Caddying beginning to tail off a bit now. Was impressed yesterday as our young student caddie Neil reprimanded a six foot four bear of an American surgeon chap, for angrily throwing his club. He was notably appeased and looked down sheepishly, and not without a huge amount of respect for gallant Neil.

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