The changing role of caddies

Had a very interesting chat yesterday with Dave who has been a caddie here since time immemorial. We were out with some wacky Indian gentlemen from LA who indulged us in a five hour round, so I had a bit of time to discourse let’s say.
Dave told me that he had caddied in the Centenary Open which is going back a bit. Forty four years in fact. And he had caddied for a chap who had got through four rounds and Dave received a cheque for twenty quid for his troubles. This makes me feel a bit humble and appreciate that we have not a bad deal, as we regularly get seventy pounds plus a round now. And Dave endorsed this and explained that it had turned from being a hobby into a way of making a living. And I suppose that’s a fair way of putting it.
Got a bit of low down on some character caddies in town. Indeed there was one chap who seemingly resided for a time in the old shack behind the first tee of the New Course. He simply went from the golf course to the pub to the shack to get some kip and do it all over again.
And I’m afraid to admit that I am slightly in awe of that simplicity of life and purpose (and drinking capacity!).
Famously he is still caddying but no longer residing at The Fourways as it used to be called. But he still manages to make it to the pub I am assured.

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