Taste on North Street is the most wonderful little place. Not only because it’s got the most lovely, intelligent owner Yann and excellent staff, but because of the amazing array of people who pass through every day. In term time it’s mostly full of busy looking undergrads and in the summer of course tourists, of which the majority are golfers.

It has now become my second office and it is a marvellous environment to work, meet people, overhear interesting anecdotes, listen to music, read the papers, be alive, chat and while away a few hours. And, oh yes , they sell great coffee too.

This morning a couple of friendly Canadian gentlemen were talking with a chap who is over from San Francisco. They were all sharing stories and had met a few characterful caddies. One of the gents asked his caddie if he should ‘draw his ball in from the right’, and he seemingly looked at him with slight incredulity and said in his firm, strong Scottish tones ’you could nae draw ae thing in if I gave yee a pencil and paper’. This caused our visitors much amusement.

They recounted another story about their friend asking his caddie if he should hit a nine iron into the pin, a hundred and forty yards away, and the immediate response from the slightly puzzled looking caddie had seemingly been ‘Aye, if yee hit it twice!’

The caddies wit.

Made in Scotland, from girders.

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