I am becoming more enamoured of the caddie shack at The Castle Course. It really is a very good place to be and to work from. There is generally a great atmosphere and we have our fair share of interesting and mostly very strong characters. Of course, we have an excellent caddie master in Matt who is witty and kind and understanding. Not the sort of man you would want to get the wrong side of mind. If you could that is. He is of a rather imposing stature and would not go unmissed in a Howe of Fife first XV, second row line up.

I walked in yesterday and was greeted by a ‘morning quilted’ from Tony. He has recently started calling me this as I think he’s just read my blog and I have been in the habit of wearing a large black puffer jacket and shorts, which I have been told looks rather ridiculous. I suppose a bit like a Michelin man propped up on two sticks.

The combination of the ‘kilted caddie’ and the image of my puffer jacket look has obviously been too much for the imagination, dry and wry wit of my man Tony to resist. And I must admit it does make me smile.

Anyway Tony asked if he had been mentioned in my blog and I said ‘not yet’.

But that was yesterday.

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