Boris Trump!

The kilted caddie is not noted for his political slants. But he has become increasingly fascinated by the election going on across the big pond. And now, when out caddying on the links, is eager to ask Americans their views on this huge forthcoming political dilemma. For as far as I can see it has become a dilemma, a choice between a highly charged loose cannon and a lady with a very spurious take on ethics.

And it has become quite clear that this dilemma has forced the hand of a huge number of straight thinking, intelligent and well meaning folk (albeit they do practise golf) to opt for the loose cannon over the minefield of doubt.

Not that we haven’t got an equally fascinating thing going on here. And it is my theory that Boris Johnson is Donald Trump and that we are in a parallel universe. Except that he is more impressively tousled and has natural locks.

This political furore has male hirsuteness at its core.  And the kilted caddie is going for a double blond bombshell result here.

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