Rugby woes

It was a shocker for scottish rugby fans on Saturday as the team got beaten in Rome. A match that could have set up a thrilling encounter next week against Ireland for the Six Nations crown.

All was looking good as we were 20 to 10 ahead when Horne flew over in front of the posts and the commentator was talking about bonus points. However a replay of the action showed that Schoeman had intentionally obstructed an Italian player off the ball and a penalty was rightly awarded to Italy and the try nulled.

The fact was that Schoeman’s action was totally needless. Horne would still have scored. This turned the game around for Italy. What I found noteworthy were the journalists comments. They called it an ‘error’.

‘Error’ ! Come on chaps let’s face the facts here. This is downright cheating and has no place in the game of rugby. And please let’s start calling this out for what it really is. Greg Townsend the coach said that they would have to tackle this ill-discipline! Would he have said that he would root out the cheats in his team. He may then gain some credence in my books.

Anyway very well done to the Italians. They are now a major player in world rugby.

We are marching into springtime now folks apart from the lack of spring weather of course. I am maintaining my Rishi Sunak Monday fast and have got my coffee down to one a day. So hoorah. My golf swing is still challenging me at every turn though but some things never change.

This weeks tips are Lidl’s hazelnut croissants, wild nettle leaf salad and Lidl’s.

Lidl’s is just brill. Now there is a wee catchy number.

The first qualifying round of the Jock Hutchinson is on Saturday on the Eden course so I will keep you guys posted. This is my favourite St Andrews Club comp whereby qualifiers play a knock-out on the Old Course throughout the summer.

I did get to the final once and one up with two to go but I ceremoniously bottled it. Some things never change indeed.

Fare forward passengers.

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