Days like these

It’s rather pouring today and I am well invested in the window seat at Luvians, sipping my hot chocolate and having a wee bit of time-out.

I had a great time yesterday in Edinburgh visiting the Morningside library which is a really tip-top place with many interesting books on local history. Of course I am biased as it’s my patch, Morningside. I feel at home walking around here and still see the old ken’t faces wandering around, doing their stuff, going to Waitrose’s to pick up their weekly shop, dropping by the Merlin or Canny Mans (if they can afford it), popping into Hills (Ladbrokes has now gone alas), or just frequenting one of the many coffee shops which now adorn the main drag. I think there are about a dozen now. Long ago there was only the Coffee Stop, except I never ever stopped there to my recollection. Coffee stopping was not the art form that it is nowadays.

Looks like we have finally sold our property in Kelty which is a relief. Crazily we bought there 15 years back when we did work for Wimpey Homes with the flower business. I probably did the worst property deal ever as I sold my flat in the heart of London to enable it. This still hurts to be honest. But as a businessman I don’t cut it and I know it. My talents lie elsewhere I think. I am still trying to unravel that one though.

Anyway I suppose the beginning of wisdom starts with knowing which road we shouldn’t be travelling down. It’s taken me a bit to grasp this mind.

Anyway I am all set for the summer now. I have made some good progress on the golf course this week, added to a few more tour bookings coming in (one with 10 ladies coming to see Dundee and me!)

Am looking forward to watch Scotland play Ireland tomorrow at the rugger. I do hope they don’t revert to cheating though and give an honest show.

Last day of Cheltenham chaps and I have not had one bet.

Now that is progress.

Mind you I do hanker after a pint one day down at that cosy little snug of a pub in Hollow Bottom, I think that’s what it’s called?! Take me back to bygone days wandering around the Cotswolds and slipping by the Woolpack and all that.

Now who could desire much more than that?

God get me a train and get me to Slad once again.

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