Reaching Out

I have had a blast and a half of a start to my tour season with the luck to have met some wonderful people on my first few tours of the year. How lucky I am to be able to do this. I am indebted to Alan Chalmers, who has now sadly passed, who gave me an opening here. What a very decent chap Alan was.

Now I have been doing a wee bit of browsing on the web to see what’s out there in the food tour world and stumbled across Arva Ahmed who set up ‘Frying Pan Adventures’. She was a a Dubai based food blogger who got a bit bored I believe in having to dish up reviews to order and so set up a food tour company with her sister, the first in Dubai.

It seems like she has absolutely killed the food tour scene there and has made a bit of a name for herself. She got invited onto that Netflix series ‘Somebody Feed Phil’ with that chap Mr Rosenthal who in my opinion has one of the best gigs in the universe, wandering the globe and trying out the best and most individual cuisine each region has to offer. I see they got Tony Singh in the Edinburgh one. Sound choice.

Now the weather here in St Andrews has been miserable. I managed to get my American client Phil onto the Old Course last week but the heavens opened and the wind blew and it was cold and dreek and we got utterly soaked to the skin. But Phil and I navigated our way around with the help of Brian Erskine, my friend who was roped in to caddie and did a sterling job. Brian is a sterling bloke though.

There are things afoot on the restaurant scene folks but I can’t divulge more than that at the moment. I will keep you all in the utmost suspense!

I see PIGGS have now opened up in Bruntsfield. It is run by my friend Iggy Campus’s sons and will kill it there. Iggy really knows what he is up to and his sons have the looks and the style and indeed the food to pull this off big time. It should make a nice change for people who frequent the monstrously overcharging Montpelliers. But let’s not hark on about that crowd. They are not my flavour of the decade, albeit they can turn a bob or two.

But it’s not all about money. I would rather treat people fairly in life.

Outwith that, I see Dine Murrayfield are now 4th on Trip Advisor! I knew it was a super location there when I opened my cafe 10 years back and it’s a bit of a shame that we didn’t make that work as a bistro. We really failed badly there. Ho hum. I take a lot of the blame of course for not addressing things quicker. It was a truly learning experience. The guys now doing it are pretty on the ball even though I’m not bowled over by their food if I’m honest.

I was bowled over this week in Dollar though as we slipped into Cafe at No 44 on the main drag and I had the best bacon roll I have ever had tasted. And what a charming little place too with lovely attentive staff. This really is spot on folks.

Anyway as I said exciting times are ahead now for me on the food scene and as I said watch this space.

Fare forward passengers.

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