JB’s Golf Classic

I have had a fun two days taking around some lovely folk who are on Jack Buchholz’s incredible 17 day tour of Scotland and England. We strolled Edinburgh Old Town on Monday and then St Andrews yesterday.

Jack and his wife Deborah have really cracked it with their Classic golf tour, in making it a sightseeing and general interest tour alongside of course the golf. They run a competition for the golfers throughout the trip for some quite serious monetary prizes I believe.

And they have run some pretty interesting trips by all accounts, down the Danube on a river boat par example. I think that’s the first golf tour of that kind out there. This is really quite a refreshing take in the old golf tour game and I’m well impressed guys.

So many of our operators are rather too set in their ways and serving up the same bog-standard agenda. There is no real spark nor anyone really doing what Jack and Deborah are doing. The one exception maybe is my fellow caddie, Kevin Fogarty, who has set up the Scottish Golf Experience and is trying to add a bit more colour. He has kindly asked me to do a Food Tour for his guests during their stays.

I suppose I tried to do things a bit differently a few years back with my friend Ricey (Ambroggio McLintock to be exact! Yes you got it; Ambroggio ergo Ambrosio, ergo Ricey!) when we did whacky weekend ski trips up north with The Big Fun Company. We certainly had fun. Ah those were the days! Shame we let go of that domain name mind! Careless.

Anyway we are now in the present and I will be following and harking on about JB Golf Classics from now on. In fact you could say that I’m a JB Golf Classic fan. They certainly attract a fine bunch of people on their tours which says a lot for Jack and Deborah. In fact I believe they have waiting lists for some of them.

And they are certainly getting 5 stars from this auld Scottish tour guide. That’s for sure.

Fare forward passengers.

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