Best fish and chips?

I am always amused when I go to Anstruther to see the queue outside the fish and chips place there. Not that I go to Anstruther just to see the queue outside the fish and chipper mind you. Anstruther has an awful lot to offer apart from fish and chips.

Now when I say fish and chips place I mean the garish, award winning blazoned one in the middle of the main drag. The Anstruther Fish and Chip Shop. There are two other substantial fish and chips outlets in The Wee Chippy and The Waterfront but most tourists flock to the garish one.

However I was not amused with the cost of their carry out fish supper. It’s £13.50 now (not that I purchased one!). And that is without one mushy pea in sight. Indeed no sauce tartare either. Well at an extra cost I suppose.

It’s funny how hype works in the commercial world. I mean people are still known to drink Budweiser and Heineken, which is wholly remarkable. And an awful lot of people must eat Subway sandwiches and Dominos pizzas too for there is one on every high street noo.

But £13.50 for fish and chips. And they are queuing up for it. Strange old world.

They do the same at Janetta’s in St Andrews for ice cream. When lovely, unassuming Luvians is serving better fare around the corner.

It’s all hype man, hype. Cheap hearsay hype. I mean people patronise Gordon Ramsay’s pad in St Andrew Square (goodness knows why?) and pay a million bucks for a steak. Whereas the best steak is at Kyloe or Wildfire, but who’s heard of them or wants to? It’s all in the name or in the name-dropping maybe.

We found a corner store on the High Street last week which sold the best pastries I’d ever tasted. £1.50 a pop.

There was no queue there.

I’ve got for my first game

on the Old Course tomorrow which should be fun. My new swing is in place for the season and I’m hoping for great things. My handicap is incredibly 10.5. How did that happen? Obviously a lot of very poor golf.

But what a very hard game it is. I’ve been struggling now for almost 40 years with it but still I persist. That says something about me but a lot about this old game.

Anyway bring on the old lady.

Fare forward passengers.

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