Day trips to Edinburgh

I am in the habit of popping down to Edinburgh a couple of times a week on the bus.

I usually trail up to my old golf course, Mortonhall, to hit a few balls on the range which has the most stunning vista of the city from the top of the Braid Hills. It is quite quite exceptional. And it does warrant a ‘quite quite’.

I then usually slip down the road to Morningside through the Hermitage, past the tennis courts and the braidburn, to have a coffee at Waitrose.

It’s a wonderful thing that Waitrose give you a free coffee (and not bad coffee too) if you purchase something in their store. They also have a bench by the window with seats and I normally sit and ruminate. Except I usually don’t sit and ruminate long as I nearly always see someone I know coming out with their shopping.

Yesterday first came Ken McNaughton, an old ski teacher friend who is a wonderful chap. We hadn’t seen each other for a bit and we had a great catch-up about the days instructing at Hillend and our skiing tales since.

Then along came my mum’s good friend, Marie, who I also hadn’t seen for a good many years. She really hasn’t changed and is in wonderful Marie form. A keen golfer who plays at Craigmiller Park and is still a member back in Portrush. Now that is cool. Her son, Andrew, plays at Mortonhall and loves it.

Of course there are some people who come along that are not so communicative for whatever reason. An old tango teacher who rather avoided eye contact and the like. But I can live with that as he never set the heather alight with his conversation anyway.

So that’s my tip for the week. A free coffee and chin-wag at Waitrose Morningside. Absolutely free. Which is really quite ok as I now really resent getting done for an artisan coffee from some awful trendy joint.

I see Montpelliers have done up their place again. Seemingly spent 1.5 million on it! Wow. That’s a lot.

However I won’t be rushing in. A 6oz fillet steak will cost you £34.95. And that is before you get any chips (french fries of course!) and the like. Sour grapes maybe? No. Not now. My brother was a founding partner but got rather ousted by the sort for whom friendship is skin deep, have the audacity to charge £34.95 for a steak and hang out with sleekit coofs, who literally kick a man when he is down.

No, I will stick to the not so trendy joints, thank you and leave the muckle rest to their artisan fare.

Fare forward passengers.

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