Old Course Caddie Shack

I played on the New yesterday with Azzie and Ed and a lovely new chap, Steve, who was the head guy at UK Mail a few years back. A gentleman. He has come to retire in St Andrews.

He said that he now does a bit of caddying up at the Castle. He had been down at the Old but was not impressed with the atmosphere in the caddie shack down there.

He told me that he went in when he first started and there was a group at a table who he said good morning to. There was not one response from anyone in that group and a deadly silence prevailed.

Another time he was sitting next to the said group and he thought he would try and add something to their conversation. You know to break the ice and show caddie fraternity and all that. Kind of see if they had any cognisant life in them and maybe it was that they were just not morning people.

But again there was zero response.

I am not surprised at hearing this as I know some of the boors that he is talking about It’s astounding that grown men can be quite so ignorant.

This is not to say that there are not good men down there for indeed there are; Scott Ritchie, Dave Jack, John Cunningham and the inimitable and miraculous Tom Stevenson to name a few. But these other guys let the show down big time. Shame for them. They are a most pathetic bunch.

Steve also recounted a story about the Dunhill of which I was equally unsurprised about. A caddie had the bag of Ronan Keating who was seemingly so rude that by the 2nd hole the caddie said stuff this I don’t need to take this shit. And he duly walked off and left the bag to numpty Roland.

Well done that caddie.

I may try and do a few bags up at the Castle this year because there is a better shack mentality up there and with guys like Steve and Jim Monteith

and Brian Erskine and Craig Robertson it’s very much worth it.

And at 110 bucks a round on average it’s pretty ok.

Fare forward passengers.

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