Burns Supper Week

Just finished a week in which I performed two Tam O’Shanter recitals at my old golf club, Mortonhall, in Edinburgh and the Fairmont Hotel in St Andrews. And it all went swimmingly.

Yes I have now got Tam well and truly by heart and so can begin to enjoy doing it rather than feel the trepidation of stumbling and stalling half way through.

I played some rather unremarkable golf on the Jubilee yesterday but really enjoyed getting out for a natter with my pal, Azzie, who is one of the more modest and humble people in this world. I had heard through the grapevine that he had two holes in one in the same round on the New Course last summer!

That is something very special indeed. And it was more impressive in that he got them at two of the hardest par 3’s in St Andrews (in Scotland even!) ie the 9th and 17th on the New Course! And he hit 5 irons at both holes. Wow and wow and even wow.

I think that must be one of the rarest feats I have ever heard of on a golf course. Well apart from me doing 3 minutes 57 in the Dewar Hill Race at Mortonhall of course and Oliver Horowitz (‘An American Caddie in St Andrews’) winning the gold sovereign 3 times at the ‘playing in’ of the R&A captain (see my earlier post of how I came a glorious second to him!)

But joking apart this is phenomenal. Well done Azzers. What a man.

I am very excited about the forthcoming season now. The tours are building up and there is a lot of gowf to be played. Azzie and I are trying to get our first game on the Old next Saturday, ballot dependent.

At just over 300 bucks the St Andrews Links Ticket is still the hottest ticket in golf. Ok it’s gone up since the time I was a student here when it was fifteen quid a year!

But oh my, that was a very long time ago. How I still remember drinking pints of heavy and playing dominoes in the St Andrews club after our Wednesday medal on the New.

Those days are gone now sadly.

But there is still much to be done.

Fare forward passengers .

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