A week in the library

My first week off from toad work and I made the most of my St Andrews University library ticket. Let’s face it, when the weather is below zero and the bitingly cold wind cuts off the North Sea, then it’s not the worst place to shore up.

I am getting ready for my two Tam O’Shanter gigs this week. One at Mortonhall Golf Club on Thursday and then the next night at the Fairmont Hotel. This should be a very interesting week. I like the way Mortonhall billed me as a ‘special guest’. That made me laugh a bit. Well I suppose as a reprobate and censored St Andrews caddie cum somewhat local tour guide with a rather eclectic career history, I am not your usual Mortonhall member. I will have to try and make some mileage out of that description though. But most of all I want to do Rabbie proud and give a decent recital.

Our golf was cancelled yesterday due to frost which was a bit strange as there was none. Green keeping is beyond me.

I bumped into Art last week on South Street. He was the sommelier at Dean Banks at the Pompadour when I worked there. Now may I say it’s not hard to bump into Art as he is six feet nine inches tall and most identifiable, rather solid too. A sound second row for Boroughmuir back in the day. A lovely chap too. He fittingly works for Majestic Wine on the corporate side which is rather apt as he is rather majestic, all said.

My tour bookings are beginning to trickle in so that is good. It should be a decent year I hope.

Fare forward passengers.

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