A New Start. A New Regime.

2024 ! Who would have believed it?

I graduated from St Andrews 40 years ago now. That is something.

I have changed so much obviously but I am still the same will o the wisp character and I am still anchored to the game of golf. Indeed to the friends that I met over 40 years ago now. In fact we are playing on Saturday morning. I am lucky. They are a wonderful and most decent bunch. Not to say that I haven’t met some incredible people since then.

Friends shape you so much.

And I am 62 this year! The year I was born in back in the last century. Now that does make me feel old.

But I am still so young at heart. Still eager, impetuous and with my head in the clouds of course. Some things never change.

I will try and give a weekly blog update from now on for the few that are interested. I do know that a few people are and it is most certainly worthwhile carrying on for the genuine encouragement and positivity that I have had from these individuals.

I don’t think they appreciate just how much that means to me.

But they are very special people indeed.

So the news this week is that I have left Luvians to start focussing on my tour guiding. It was a great gig for a few months and I got a wonderful insight into the drinks industry and the real world of work again (working is hard!).

I am doing Tam O’Shanter at the Burns Supper at Mortonhall on the 25th which will be fun and there is a possible MC gig in the offing!

It’s strange how life works sometimes . How opportunities come from nowhere and lead us down all sorts of crazy new paths.

I read an interesting article in the FT about the famous Kandahar ski club in Murren which is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year. It’s a bit like the R&A I think with a lot of well-heeled members. I like how they style the club as a drinking club with a ski problem. Now, that’s my kind of club.

it took me back to my halcyon days in Val D’Isere when I was out on the piste every day and out on the piste every night. I ran the piano bar in the old Solaise Hotel on the main drag. It was a bit of a dream all said.

But these dreams can come again.


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