Out with Old Davey

I was caddying alongside Davey yesterday who has caddied here since 1958. That is before I was born. Well just.
He was telling me about how he doesn’t play much nowadays as his playing partner’s chat had become slightly irksome.

Standing on the first tee the guy would put his arm round Davey and ask ‘what’s new then?’ to which Davey said he always answered ‘Nothing’. On the second tee the chap would again put his arm around and remarkably repeat ‘what’s new then?’. Davey always reiterated the ‘Nothing’ at this juncture but I felt he could have expanded and said he’d had a bogey on the first, or whatever. Incredibly though, this carried onto the third tee at which point Davey has to make it quite clear that there ain’t much new afoot since his aforementioned declarations on the subject.

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