inaugural caddie tournament

Twenty caddies from The Castle Course in St Andrews pitched up at Scotscraig yesterday to take part in this unique and historic event. Mr Ralph Coutts did an amazing job in bringing together a score of caddies on a Sunday morning that were in sober, relatively sober and dignified states. Not since the late nineteenth century has anyone deigned to pull off such a major coup d’etat and daring event in the golfing calendar.

Of course it’s early days but as intimated in his shameless, polished and attention grabbing speech, commencing with unforgettable eloquence, ‘Derek, shut the fuck up’, the imposing Mr Gary Porter suggested that there could be some mileage in the event and that we might even get invited back next year. Mind you all said, this was very early doors.

On reflection and as an aside I do think that Tennent’s would not be unwise to sponsor us. It would certainly put the T in the dark.

In fact, what a bloody good name for it!

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