it’s a small toun

Yes St Andrews is a very small place indeed. For instance, I had just finished caddying at The Castle last week for a lovely couple, Chris and Jeannie from NC, and thought I’d head down for a game myself. So after having quickly consumed a half cold chicken and sherry trifle with Tesco’s extra thick double cream, I grabbed my clubs and bike and headed for the Eden Course. I always cycle by the Jigger beer garden. Yes I cycle by it and of course am not tempted to jump the wall and have a quick pint, because that could be calamitous and not good for soul, body and indeed local tourism.

Anyhow guess who are having a pint in the afternoon sunshine? Chris and Jeannie of course. They are literally having a peruse at my blog and are remarkably, still awake. Behind them is another group with a lady who is smiling and waving at me and it turns out to be our new neighbours, also from the States, who come here each summer.

One of our top guys, Al, was caddying for this beautiful chinese lady last week and he’d seemingly gone home that evening and been qu;zzed by his wife as to who he’d caddied for. I think he’d muttered something like ‘oh, some old chinese lady’ so as not to lay it on too thick, exercise poetic license, protect over sensitive feelings commonly found in the opposite sex, not ruffle feathers, make for a quiet life etc.

However, a couple of nights later in the Dunvegan, he and his wife were at the bar and Al gets a tap on the shoulder and a very warm ‘Alan it’s you!’ from a young and stunningly attractive chinese lady.

Our man has a wee bit of explaining to do.

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