Fun Dutch Foursome

Yvonne, our lovely new lady at front of house up at The Castle was smiling when she saw me coming out of The Shack yesterday and intimated that I had an interesting forecaddying job ahead of me. Two Dutch couples.
The guys had seemingly inquired if the caddie was female to which she had to definitely answer in the negative. Then the women asked if the caddie was good looking to which Yvonne could not answer, as she didn’t know who the allotted caddie was. However, I’m sure she could have made a fairly positive stab at the negative here as well.
Anyway, they were up on the putting green and the last thing Yvonne said was ‘I would like to see their faces when they see you?’ And that comment has somewhat gnawed at me because for my life I’m not sure what she was getting at. That’s not the kind of thing to say to a man at top end mid-life crisis.
So I approached the foursome on the green. Monique came up and introduced herself and then this other lady turned and said very quickly ‘And I’m Annalose’. But whatever was going on in my sub conscious added to by the thick Dutch accent and bearing in mind Vicki’s chat, I honestly thought she said ‘And I’m loose’, to which I was immediately wrong footed and caught between thinking that’s interesting humour and that’s a bit forward. Her serious demeanour however undermined both these suppositions and I was unable to say anything in response. So when Noel introduced himself it was a relief to my temporary perplexed disposition and I was able to reply with an immediate ‘Bon’.
Yorri made up the foursome and they were the most affable, lovely people. Noel’s drive off the first was atrocious and he let out ‘that’s the worst ball I’ve hit all day’ which struck me as a bit odd and I asked what other balls he’d been hitting. We had a real fun round.
They invited me for a drink after but I had to decline and declare that we are not allowed in the clubhouse on workdays, to which Annalose immediately replied ‘that’s pre-historic’. And she has a point.

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