A backfire ban in Buenos Aires

Had a great fun group of Argentinians over from the oldest club there, San Andres built in 1902, which is named after St Andrews and was designed by Mungo Park from Musselburgh.
Ronnie, a Ronnie Corbett lookalike if there ever was one, with the wry humour to match, was a character and a half. His mates recounted how he was Captain of the prestigious club and was so fed up with people hitting balls through him that he instigated a rule, that anyone committing the said offence would be given a six month ban. He obviously felt strongly about this.
Unfortunately though, Ronnie got a bit of his own medicine ie the six month ban, for driving through a group one sunny day. That’s got to be the best own goal ever.
Fortunately it was after his captaincy term though.

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