The Road Hole Hazard

Yes, you might think the hazard on the Road Hole is the iconic bunker by the green. But no, it’s the path between the fairway and The Old Course Hotel. I was cycling there yesterday on my way out to the practice area. It was beautiful in the late morning sun and people packed the beer garden of The Jigger.
As I cycled along I got to the point where I think now this is dangerous, because it is directly on the line for a drive on seventeen that will split the fairway, if you carry the wall at 230 yards. And I swear, just as I was having these thoughts there was a thud and a ball landed 2 yards to my left. It had just cleared the orangerie (the Old Course Hotel will have an orangerie not a conservatory), landed on a 20 yard square piece of lawn in Herbert Kohler’s grounds and then leaped back into play. After thinking that was bloody close, I reflected on what is a most strategic and inspired piece of garden design. Five star Herb.
I’ll bet Mr Armitage Shanks would never have considered that.

ps excuse this post’s somewhat lavatorial humour.

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