Caddie Value

We had four very big fun guys out on The Castle Course yesterday. Lance, Mark, Dan and Mike from Oregon were here for some serious golf but some serious amusement too. They were all very able golfers into the bargain and were able to impress probably two of our top golfer caddies, Cologne Tom and Neil Beattie in the extreme. (Tom used to play off plus three and Neil is presently off plus one by the way. This puts my lowest handicap of three in a major perspective).

The repartie of the guys was immense and aided by a hip flask the size of a tank, filled with a Balvenie 12 year old which showed their class. This was their ‘birdie flask’ but was soon denoted a ‘net birdie flask’ on the second, as Mike’s putt for a three shaved the hole from fifteen feet. Not bad, 10 am in the morning, taking in the stunning view of St Andrews from the third tee and beginning to enjoy the crack, especially Tom’s individual and lavish persona, savouring a soft malt and getting into the swing of things, let’s say.

Lance said they played The European Club in Dublin last year but were disappointed by the fact that they had no caddies there, and he made an interesting point that this was to them a lot of the ‘experience’ of coming over here. And I suppose he may have a point. A lot of guys will never have been to Scotland or Ireland before and will want to hear some of the local take on humour and accents and stories and chat. And I suppose  like the local scenery and traditions, that can be as interesting and insightful as anything.

However, I am not sure what our guys from Oregon were quite thinking after their round yesterday. They were slightly dazed I would say, but not with The Balvenie, as good old Cologne Tom was on his majestic inimitable form.

One thing for sure is that they will certainly remember their glorious round at The Castle Course.



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